A Magical Experience with Minke Whales – 21/2/20

We spotted several whales as we were leaving Hanusse Bay and entering a place called Crystal Sound in Antarctica. The weather was calm, no wind and the water was flat. We were sailing through the ice when we spotted several whales breaking through the water. They were playing, clapping the fins on the surface, and spyhopping. There were also a lot of seals on ice in the area. At some point the whales came close to the ship and we just had to bend the head to see them. This one was particularly curious and spyhopped just in front of the ship.

That was another magical experience with Minke Whales. I had similar experiences with these species, always close to the ice. They can come very close to a zodiac to check it out.

I wish I could live forever in that moment.


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