A Humpback Instead of Harbour Porpoises – 17/4/19

We went to watch for Harbour Porpoise at Whytecliff Park. The weather looked okay, and we had seen a lot of California Sea Lions the day before, so we figured there would be food and plenty of marine mammals. We saw this humpback before we had even made it to the observation point; and it stayed in the area for more than 3 hours.

There was an excited audience of locals watching as well, none of them had ever seen a humpback whale, and all got treated to a breach – but not a single porpoise in sight that day.

Nevertheless we managed to steer the conversation to porpoises, of course – and also were able to make it a cautionary tale as this whale has scarring from previous ship strikes and was seen last year around this time with a ship strike injury.

-Porpoise Conservation Society

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