A Huge Group of Residents! – 23/8/15

Another day, another whale……or 70+ of them!! A huge group of residents this morning including the rare L54’s! I can’t remember the last time I saw L88 “Wavewalker” and was so lucky to see him launch out of the water near East Point. L88 and the rest of the L54 group spent a lot of time out West and haven’t spent much time around this area in the last few years so it was so nice to see them again. 

L88 Wavewalker
L88 “Wavewalker”

On top of that, we got to see L92 “Crewser” and J34 “DoubleStuf” having a little bro time and then got a surprise pass from J27 “Blackberry”! The whales were all over the place!

J27 “Blackberry”
L92 Crewser
L92 “Crewser”


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