A Huge and Actually Blue Blue Whale! – 25/3/15

On March 25, 2015, I was given a $20 staff discount ticket to a whale watching trip organized by Aquarium of the Pacific (I was here for the sea lions rescue). I did not dress appropriately, because a) we’re in LA, b) we’re in California, c) it’s almost April, hello! So I was freezing the whole time. And it was shaping up as a no-whales tour, grrr… After 2h on a boat, frozen to death, all we saw was 1 Steller sea lion swim by (which let’s be real, I did get excited about, ha ha ha!). I jokingly said to my friend, Lauralee, who works at the AofP, that all we really need to save this bust of a trip is a blue whale and we can go back home 😉 We both chuckled.

So, after about 2h the boat captain told us that they just got a message from an observation station (“you guys see that grey light house on the horizon? that’s an observation station who just messaged us!”) that there was a … blue whale coming our way! Lauralee and I looked at each other and laughed in disbelief.


And so it came! Huge and actually blue 🙂 We observed it for about 40 min, which was enough for the whale to dive and surface out twice. It was awesome 🙂


I stopped feeling cold the second I saw that whale :)))



P.S. On the way back we saw racing 3 minke whales, few hundred of lags, some common dolphins and California sea lions!

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