A Great Day with the J19’s – 13/7/15

Great day … J50 experimenting with fish, Blackberry being Blackberry, and J35 bellyflopping! She and her son J47 were interacting with the J19s and J39.

J35 “Tahlequah”
J27 “Blackberry”

Today first time I ever saw baby J51- J47 was right there next to him, breaching and splashing. I wonder what J35 and J47 see in the J19s?

The rest of the J17s were miles south of J35 and J47, so it felt like they were doing something specific in interacting with J41 and her baby.  So cool! J50 dragging a piece of fish (salmon presumably) around at the surface that her mother and sister had just caught.

J50 with salmon
J50 with salmon


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