A Great Day with J Pod – 4/7/16

What a great day. To be honest, I would say that about most days. I love being on the water, rolling over waves, salt spray in my hair, catching glimpses of mystical whales. Today  we saw the Southern Resident Killer Whales, specifically a portion of J Pod. They are incredible. They are enduring. This population is in a dire situation with just over 80 individuals remaining. I am incredibly fond of the way we have been able to catalogue and name them, connecting to them in a familiar way. There are names like “Cappuccino”, “Blackberry”, and “Oreo” (now I’m hungry for some reason).


They were travelling around, splashing, leaping, seemingly aware of the boats yet keeping their distance. As we kept ours of course. I deeply respect these animals and want nothing more than to help protect them. These photos are some of the highlights.




This day includes my favourite action shot I have ever taken to date. It is of “Onyx”. Such a stud. He came out of nowhere, well away from our vessel. I don’t even know how I managed to focus my camera in time but with the right zoom and coordination I was able to capture his breaching arc at just the right moment.

L87 “Onyx”

An amazing shot to go with another amazing day on the water.



This story was adapted from a blog post from Pineapple Jen.  Read the full story here

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