A Gray Whale on the First Day of the Season – 22/2/20

This was my first whale watching trip of the year. As it started we headed around the bay searching for Gray Whales that had been reported on the radio. We went all the way out to Point Bonita, then retraced our steps back towards Angel Island. We spotted some California Sea Lions resting on the buoys, a few Harbor Seals near the bridge, and some Harbor Porpoise activity throughout the bay and strait.

Near the end of the trip, we finally spotted our spout.

The Gray Whale was in the east portion of the central bay, between Angel Island and Alcatraz.  The whale came up regularly every seven minutes and showed its fluke several times.

We were able to identify this whale off of the markings on its side. This particular animal had been in the bay for several days previous to this sighting.


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