A Foggy Day with Whales – 9/11/19

On this trip we headed out on a very foggy day into the Gulf of the Farallones to search for whales.

The fog was thick and visibility was severely limited. On our way out, we found a large group of birds near the shipping lane, but no whales. When we got out to the end of the lane, visibility began to clear. As we headed back east, we stopped to look again at the massive swarms of birds and anchovy bait balls in the area. At that point a passenger spotted a spout.

There were 3 humpback whales in the area, including Akula, a whale we see often at San Francisco Whale Tours.

At one point Akula approached about 50 yards from us. We saw one lunge feed from Akula as well.

Eventually we had to keep heading home. We headed Southeast only to find another whale on our way home. This was another familiar animal named Gator.

After identifying Gator, we headed home, where the bay was still socked in with fog.


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