A Foggy Day with Cetaceans – 14/5/18

We found two bottlenose dolphins just past the Golden Gate Bridge. One was slightly larger than the other. They were bow riding and spinning underneath us.

We continued out through the straight and past the demarcation line. Just past the line we found two humpbacks.

The humpbacks stayed about 200 yards away and were slowly moving in. The weather was cold and foggy, but the waters were calm.

The weather was the same as we headed out on our second trip of the day. Outside the bridge we saw several Harbor Porpoises going in all directions. We saw some California sea lions as well. We continued on to Point Bonita, where we saw two spouts.

We followed along the tide line for a bit, but were unable to relocate the spouts. Suddenly I saw a breach to the south. We headed that way and saw a humpback slapping the water with its pectoral fin, followed by a fluke dive.

The whale disappeared for another fifteen minutes, then reappeared 1000 yards offshore. We were able to get one last look before heading in.


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