A First Encounter with J60 – 26/12/23

When I woke up on the December 26 there was a JPod sighting in Kingston. So I hustled my booty to the general location where they last were seen, and was going to walk on the ferry in hopes for a better view. Thank God I missed the ferry by 1 minute because I would have missed everything that followed.

Another woman and myself made our way to the next location near the mouth of Port Madison and to our surprise, JPod turned the corner, heading straight towards us. All of the sudden, boop, a tiny little orange baby orca face popped out of the water and we both looked at each other like “did you see that, am I trippin” .

We didn’t want to get our hopes up until we got a better view because there’s also a calf who is only a year old, J59, that still has a peachy color. After they passed the pier we were on by less than 100 feet ?…I went over to fay Bainbridge.

I got there at the perfect time, just as they were approaching. I didn’t have my tripod so I set my camera up on a log and began to record. As they neared closer the tiniest most adorable new JPod baby popped out of the water and our suspicions were confirmed. I was flooded with so many emotions I can’t even describe.

I was among the first 4 people to see this new baby and I feel so honored to have been apart of welcoming him into this world.


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