A Fantastic Excursion – 4/11/23

Our whale watching excursion was nothing short of fantastic today! Our journey took us southward towards Seaside Heights, and the entire experience was marked by tranquility, with the seas remaining calm throughout. After covering approximately 15 nautical miles from Belmar, we found ourselves in waters approximately 50 feet deep.

As we continued our expedition, veering to the southwest in the direction of the close to shore both Captain Shawn and Danielle, our resident naturalist, displayed their exceptional observation skills. Together, they spotted a spout emerging to the south of our location. Our fortune knew no bounds as we encountered a magnificent humpback whale! This majestic creature gracefully circled a specific area, likely engaged in the act of feeding. We were treated to a spectacle of thrilling lunges and other feeding behaviors that left us in awe.

Our journey back to shore was a smooth and enjoyable one, capping off an unforgettable day of whale watching.

-Bill/Jersey Shore Whale Watching

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