A Double Breach! – 29/7/20

I’ve seen a lot of amazing things during my 20 years of whale watching, but today really took things to a whole new level for me.

Pele was full of energy today and breached several times (along with Cajun). I’ve seen Cajun being surface active before, but Pele normally tends to be on the quiet and mellow side (from my own personal experience anyway). He was non-stop though! It was great to see and he looks very healthy.

Both trips produced a lot of surface activity. In the morning we had “Pele” and “Cajun” and in the afternoon we found our old friend “Doric” and her new calf. I’d seen Doric many times before, but this was the first time I’ve seen her this season. What an amazing sight to not only see her breach, but to see her calf breach right next to her too. I’ve been after a double breach photo for many, many years and today it finally happened!

While I don’t have photos good enough to share, we also saw a Great White Shark! If you’d like to see some photos of that shark, check out the 7 Seas Whale Watch page to see our captain’s photos!

Wow, what a day!! I’m still in disbelief.


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