A Day with Chainsaw – 4/4/23

We got to hang out with the Legendary T063, Chainsaw!!!

As well as his mom T065, Whidbey, and the T049A family, T049A “Nan”, T049A1 “Noah”, T049A3 “Nat”, T049A4 “Neptune”, T049A5 “Nebula” and Nan’s newest calf who has yet to receive a nickname.

It’s always a great day when I get to see friends out on the water as well and today was no exception!

Gary was working hard on the OceanWise research vessel Skana and Jeff, Sara and Monika were doing the same on J2 with Maya’s Legacy! So wonderful to see you all out on the water!!!

Chainsaw!!!! Do we all love him? Yes! Is he a legend? Yes! Is there a reason he’s a legend? He’s freaking Chainsaw, he needs NO reason to be defined as a legend. HE JUST IS!!! 

Can’t ask for a more beautiful background or more stunning sea conditions while visiting with some incredibly special Bigg’s Orca!

What a perfect day to be on the water!!


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