A Day on the Bay – 31/8/21

We started out at 9 am. a overcast calm day. We saw the tall male orca fins half mile out and found the male first and after awhile the female emerged from feeding.

Another mile out we could see tons of spouts and knew we will see magic! 

We could see we are approaching a feeding frenzy a ton of bird and California sea lions in full action “assisting “ Humpback Whales.

There must have been 6-7 mother and calf’s ….born around January/ February our captain Kate informed. But there were soooooo many, maybe 15-20?!

The team work is always a joy to witness. How nature balances itself by helping each other.

3 hours in Kate saw with her binoculars mother CRC-15216 “Aurora” with her calf  daughter HW-MN0502224 “Fluke Skywalker” 

We followed this pod in the video and another one all came together for another great feast. 

15 minutes later we got to “Aurora” and “Fluke Skywalker “ they were doing their own thing as a team. These 2 are the STAR of the bay right now, very distinct and funny pair!

Fluke Skywalker is a true acrobat doing unbelievable maneuvers and rolls and funny jumps .. it was magical. Very interesting markings and a pure white fin.

We stayed put for like 20 minutes and enjoyed the duo doing a solo feeding team work.

Sadly after this video my phone died …lol it’s only a iPhone 8 so it does not do justices to the amazing view and time we had.

It was the best 4 hour trip yet.


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