A Dance of Whales – 15/10/20

This was possibly the scariest encounter with whales I’ve had. They were dancing and moving around like crazy. No rhyme or reason to their movements. Just moving. Maybe the mother wanted to be alone and was trying to shake these two escorts?

At one point this large escort had me in his sights. I could see his large eye on me literally 30m away as he swam fast towards me.

I had to start swimming away as he turned his back towards me and aggressively swiped his tail through the water. Maybe we were cramping the escorts style and they wanted us gone?

Not sure. Either way the thing that I remember the most from this day was @pierrick_moana shouting in the water – “everyone! Save your lives!”
He was joking obviously but there was a small scatter in our group that needed to happen so that everyone kept a safe distance 😅-Josh

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