A Beautiful Encounter with Killer Whales – 11/16

In November 2016 I was with some friends in Mikkelvik/Norway for holidays, because we heard they are so many Orcas in the winter. And I wanted to see them again in the wild. So we tried. We had a beautiful accommodation directly at the fjord. The view was stunning.

As we have our first breakfast I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were dorsal fins out there 🖤

Every day we met Orcas. They were all around us. Blows in every direction. It was such an Orca paradise 🖤 and one of the best days of my life. This shot I took in beautiful light while the sun goes down. In winter you have only a few hours light. I love when the sun reflects in their dorsal fins.

The next year the whales move further north. We were lucky to see them the last year near Tromsø. So everything done right. 😍


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