76 Breaches! – 26/7/18

Out on the boat as a whale watching naturalist and we had a sighting…. Humpback breaching near De Courcey island. Let’s go. No boats on scene so I got people looking.

A girl roughly 12 years old spotted the pecs waving about. Over the course of an hour, the pec slapping turned into full on back breaching. This humpback was lovely. Very white on the bottom, beautiful white pecs. And I didn’t get a single tail shot. So it remains unknown.

I had many children on board which was lovely as they helped me keep count of the breaches. 76 when we left at the top of our hour and it was still going…..

It was really refreshing to have not one person complain about the lack of Orcas on our trip. We ended up having ths humpback encounter all to ourselves-Shweeet!



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