T19B Seal ‘Baseball’ – 11/5/11

T19B “Galiano” is the largest killer whale that I have ever seen. I seem to fall for the big boys 🙂 he has the large floppy dorsal fin. This was the first time I could really appreciate and understand their role in the ecosystem. My first witness of these powerful pit bulls of the ocean taking down another marine mammal. T19B was using his tail fluke to cause injury to the harbour seal. It appeared like they were playing killer whale baseball. After this event, I realized that I never actually wanted to swim with a killer whale as I once wished for as a child. Instead I grew a stronger respect for them all the space they deserve!

Male T inflicting damage
Male Bigg’s inflicting damage
Male T tosses seal through the air
Male Bigg’s tosses seal through the air


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