2023 Bremer Killer Whales Finale – 9/4/23

2023 Bremer Killer Whales finale as we enjoyed every moment with the Orca today to complete what has been another phenomenal Orca season.

Departing the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and making our way past the cape it was set to be a unique day as clouds grew just ahead and settled right on The Patch.

Our arrival at the shelf had the pitter patter of rain settling in as visibility quickly shrunk and the mesmerising movement of rain falling on the oceans surface could be seen all round.

It was the last spot for the season so all of our family and crew were very keen to secure the sighting today and top spot on the Orca sighting chart. Dad (Captain) got the spot as the distinctive jet black and white of Orca broke through the grey and shone like beacons in the cozy conditions.

The family was excited to see us as Maddison and little Gracie came racing over with the rest of the family quickly following including handsome young male Nani.

Relaxed and social the family hung out with us for a little while before it was time to move out to the east.

Powering with efficiency through the conditions it is always unique to see the Orca travelling this way especially through the rain creating a very dramatically beautiful and wild scene. 

The family closed in on a squid kill as the oil slick appeared at the surface and calamari was consumed quickly. The big swim had been worth the effort for the family pod and we were very pleased they had secured an early lunch for everyone. It seemed they were ready to settle in for a rest as they now kept a quiet profile and we wished them well as we continued back towards The Patch.

Our next encounter began as the rain parted ways with the sighting grounds and the clear horizon was dotted with tuffs of white water. Pilot Whales came charging through and were very relaxed as they enjoyed a Sunday afternoon meander together with all age groups sighted travelling along with a few of their good mates in the Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins.

A slight glimpse on the horizon had Craig curious and we wondered over for a closer look as three tall dorsal fins appeared, Orca were on the move! It was wonderful to see our beloved mascot Chalky surface and our handsome boy was looking as gorgeous as ever. It was the most perfect way to complete a special day as we enjoyed our last moments for the 2023 Bremer Bay Orca Season with Chalky and friends cruising out to deeper waters.  

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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