The Southern Residents in Tofino! – 17/5/18

Lennie and I had the most amazing experience with the Southern Resident orcas off Estevan Point – North West of Tofino today!

Initially the report was of 30 orcas, but All of J pod, and members of K and L were seen, with more whales on the horizon we could not get photos of.

It is possible the entire population of Southern Residents was in the area!

The southern residents do occasionally come to the Tofino region in their search for salmon.

It’s more common to see them in the winter months though.

Typically they spend the late spring to early fall in the Salish Sea.

We didn’t see them again, but it was a fluke just to encounter them this one time!

Boat’s aren’t often so far off shore in these areas.

L94 and L121

Last time I saw these guys L121 was just a newborn calf off Tofino, heading south in 2015!


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