Whale Tales Podcast

Episode 005 – Summer Report

Episode 004 – Humpback Whales

Episode 003 – Orca Awareness Month!

Episode 002-Cetacean Parents

We are back with this Mother of an episode-celebrating cetacean parenting techniques, some, kind of crazy, Fun Flipper Facts and a story about one very famous celebrity whale.

Show Notes:

What You Can Do

Be Whale Wise

See a Blow Go Slow

New Whale Watching Regulations for BC


Big Mama in the Straight of Georgia

Two headed Porpoise

Conjoined Grey Whales

Safe Sunscreen Alternatives

Episode 001-What is Whale Tales

Welcome to Episode One! We are super excited to share our podcast with you and we wanted to start off with introductions! Plus some Fun Flipper Facts and of course, stories!

Show Notes:
Save the Vaquita Porpoise
What You Can Do to Help Cetaceans and Marine Wildlife
Saturna Island Killer Whales
Another Orca Encounter from East Point!
Killer Whales from the Ferry!

Episode 000 – Teaser

A living library of cetacean stories – now in podcast form! Bringing you stories, news, fun facts, and more about whales, dolphins and porpoises.