Whale Watch Western Australia

We pride ourselves on safety, customer service, quality and attention to detail whilst on and in the greatest oceans & most isolated coastline in the world, the Indian & Southern Oceans of Western Australia. There is over 75 years experience in and around the rivers and oceans of Western Australia and the disciplines learnt are inculcated throughout our team. Check out their website at https://www.whalewatchwesternaustralia.com

Where to See Whales in Perth Western Australia – 27/11/18

Bremer Bay Orca Sunday Fest – 3/2/19

Bremer Bay Orca Sunday Fest – 3/2/19

Wolves of the Sea – 4/2/19

Australian Killer Whales – 5/2/19

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West Coast Orcas – 9/2/19

Playful Humpback Calves – 25/11/18