Azores Experiences

Azores Experiences is an eco-friendly tour operator located in the Azores (Portugal). Founded in 2012 due to the passion for the islands and the ocean, we have the mission to provide the best experiences possible in Faial Island. We believe than through educational whale watching tours we can help to preserve the oceans. The Azores is habitat and “pit stop” for 26 species of cetaceans and this, together with its history and wild nature creates the perfect framework to share our passion and concern for cetaceans without missing customer service and quality. You can learn more about us at

A Great Summer Day in the Azores – 2/9/20

7 Species with Amazing Behaviors – 18/7/20

Sperm Whales Breach Too! – 29/6/20

First Risso’s Dolphins of the Year! – 28/6/20

A Childhood Dream Come True! – 27/3/19

A Childhood Dream Come True! – 27/3/19

First Customers of the Season! – 7/6/20

Our Third Quarantine Expedition – 17/5/20