Another Amazing Day on the Ningaloo Reef – 19/7/21

I work as an underwater photographer on the Ningaloo reef, we are in the fourth year of trailing humpback whales swims as a form of tourism, similar to Tonga…

It was my first training day so I was pretty damn excited the pilot spotted a pod of 12 whales approaching from the south, the skipper lined us up, dropped us in and we waited…it honestly looked like a building being demolished with so many plumes of their breath in the sky!!!

12 of them coming right towards us..I stuck my head under the water as they blasted past us on all sides and below and it was probably the loudest thing I’ve ever heard down there!! Crazy

The whole encounter lasted probably only 10 seconds before they were gone and we were left floating in the open ocean watching their spouts blow off into the distance!!


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