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We are so excited to be able to provide a place where naturalists, researchers, and whale enthusiasts alike can come together to connect, share, and save their whale tales. Our website will be a living library of the amazing stories you’ve collected from your time with wild whales. You’ll be able to save your sightings, share your memories, and search for other stories featuring your favourite whales.


We want you to share the stories that mean something to you. Whether it happened 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago, whether you know which individual you were with or not, and whether it was a species you see every day or one you’ve never seen before – your experiences are what matter and that’s what we want you to share.


We have just passed our fourth year anniversary here at Whale Tales and are excited to share our new blog series, Tales of Saving Whales with you, as well as many awesome upcoming stories for the library. Don’t forget you can browse our entire library of stories, by species or by storyteller, or even by behaviour type.


You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in touch and hear about all the whale tales in the future. We’re really looking forward to reading all your whale tales!

4 thoughts on “All About Whale Tales

  1. I’ve been very privileged to see many species of whales and dolphins in a few places. In Vancouver I was surrounded by around 76 Orca and watched them play and come up very close to us. This was in 2001 and I visited again in 2004 and watched as a baby Orca surfaced sounded as it past close by our zodiac! I visited Monterey Bay in 2003 and witnessed two Blue whales lift their huge tail high above the waves, it was amazing! Then in 2005, I stayed in The Azores with my niece and we swam with Bottlenose, Atlantic Spotted and Rizzo Dolphins! We also watched Sperm Whales jump right out of the water, they looked like they were bent in half they were so huge! That was the most incredible 10 days! I loved my experiences so much that I wrote and published a book about my adventures – Whales and Tails (on Amazon)! I’m very keen to get back out there and I have a huge bucket list of places I want to visit just to see whales and dolphins! I’m a definite whale nut!

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