An Unique Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whale Encounter – 3/6/15

An unique Bigg’s (Transient) encounter today. At least 20 whales, including some exotic T’s and fan favourties T65A’s and T137’s. PLUS!!! The T124A’s, T86A1, and T100B.

Their behaviour was very cool and perplexing. Social milling is the only way I could describe it.


They barely moved a quarter mile the entire time we were with them, they were basically all in one clump, but not necessarily touching each other like you might expect from social Killer Whales. Very little surface activity like spyhops or tail slaps. They were just spinning around each other in a big clump. Maybe somewhat of a cautious greeting/inspection toward the T125s?

T100B with some of the T65As and T137s
T100B with some of the T65As and T137s

Lots of playful speculation that the ladies were drawn in from far and wide to meet these handsome strangers from Alaska to help maintain a strong gene pool down here if you know what i’m saying.

The T137s and T65As together outside of Porlier Pass with a strong tide line in the background
T137s and T65As
T125A1 and T127 with little T137D
T125A1 and T127 with little T137D

This is something I have noticed the last three “Transient superpod” encounters we have had. The oldest females will group of and swim abreast like this:

left to right T124A T65A T137 T65A5
Left to Right: T124A T65A, T137, T65A5


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